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The Magnificent Edison High School Alumni Marching Band

Update 170620 (June 20, 2017)

Northeast Parade tonight!!
Hey Edison Alumni Band Members,
This is your Northeast Parade reminder email!
Yes we have our Northeast Community Parade this Tuesday June 20th at 6:30 PM. It looks like the weather is going to cooperate and we are going to have a great day for the parade. Wear your polo shirts and khaki shorts or pants for our uniforms. We will be lining up in front of the cemetery gates on 28th and Central. We will be the # 36 unit in the parade, just behind Kevin Reich’s unit. We should be lining up around the time of the parade start. If you want a little warm up, we are meeting at the NE Palace at 5:30 PM. Remember to bring your ID because they do card. They have a nice patio, pretty good happy special, and it is close to the parade starting line. Parking around the parade start area might be a little tricky this year because of construction so please follow the map I emailed everyone last week. We had a great couple of practices last week and I think we are ready to have a great parade tomorrow for we own this town! Unless someone can come up with a better spot we will go to the Yacht Club after for some pizza, libations and conversations on how Glen survived his Grandma’s Marathon!

Go Tommies!

Update 160606 (June 6, 2016)

Uptown-Funk-EHS.mp3 160606


Music (by instrument)
Three 8-bar sections — will probably be broken up among different instruments (I.E. you might not play all sections, just repeat some)
Uptown-Funk F inst
Uptown-Funk F inst (8va)
Uptown-Funk Eb inst
Uptown-Funk Eb inst (8va)
Uptown-Funk C inst
Uptown-Funk Bb inst

Update 160225 (February 25, 2016)

Hey Edison Alumni Band Members,

We have another reunion to up on the schedule. The class of 1966 is having their 50th reunion on Saturday August 27th at the Ramada on Industrial Blvd and they would like us to perform. Their night begins at 6:30 so I think we can shake things up around 8:00 PM. Please put this onto your calendars. Also, don’t forget we have a practice on Wednesday March 9th at Edison at 7:00 to hone up those musical talents of ours and maybe learn a few new tunes for our St. Patrick’s day parade performance.

I think we should play at the class of 66 reunion at 7:30 PM at the Ramada on Industrial Blvd and then down to Elsie’s to the 71 reunion between 8:30 or 9:00. I will try to get the short bus for the night to cut down on driving and parking hassles. We can choose to do what we want once we’re done at Elsie’s. It should be a great night to get out and have some fun with our fellow band mates.
Go Tommies!

After much discussion with fellow band mates, we have decided that we need to have a practice before we play on the 17th of March for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Right now I am looking at Wednesday March 9th as a practice night for us to go over music. If Wednesday is a bad night, please let me know and we can change it to either Tuesday or Thursday if a majority of people need it switched. Dan Kuch said he has a new number he wants to arrange us…a Bruno Mars number; “Uptown Funk”, that would be taking us into a new direction…sounds like fun! Practice will be in the Edison band-room and start at 7:00 PM. We’ll go to Yacht club after for some pizza.

Just another reminder on the St. Patrick’s day parade on Thursday March 17th. The parade route and time have been changed because of the construction on Nicollet Ave. The parade will start at 7:30 PM and the parade route in on Marquette Ave. starting at 10th St. and going to 5th. Line up will be be starting at 10th St. and Marquette. I have not decided on where to meet before for our pre-parade warmup. We can talk about that as we get closer to the event.
I hope everyone is in good spirits for this time of year and looking forward to getting together and making some new music!

Update 150702 (July 2, 2015)

Hey Edison Alumni Band Members and Supporters,
I hope everyone is looking forward to a great Fourth of July Weekend with friends and family. I just thought I should give everyone a list of performances we have coming up for this coming season so you can get it into your packed schedules.
Date Event Place Time
Monday July 27th ECSF Golf Tournament Columbia Manor 6:30
Friday July 31st St. Anthony Parade St. Charles Parking lot 6:30
Saturday August 29th Class of 65 Reunion Jax 8:00
Class of 70 Reunion Elsie’s 7:30
Saturday Sept. 12th Class of 85 Reunion Solar Arts Building 7:30
Holy Cross Fundraiser Holy Cross 8:00
Wednesday Sept. 16 Class of 55 Reunion Elsie’s 7:00
Wednesday Oct. 7th Edison Oktoberfest Indeed Brewery 7:00
Friday Oct. 23rd Class of 75 Reunion Yacht Club 8:00

The date times might be subject to change and if you noticed we have multiple gigs on two nights so I will try to get the short bus for those night to make getting around a little easier. I have not been contacted by the class of 80 as to if they are doing anything so if you know someone from those classes please let me know. Also, if there are any events I might have missed or you think we should play at please let me know.
The golf tournament and Oktoberfest are two events that have been added that I want to make sure you get onto the schedules.
Have fun in the sun this weekend and looking forward to seeing everyone at the end of this month.
Go Tommies!

Update 150409 (April 9, 2015)

Hey Edison Alumni Band Members,
You have to read the Editors write up in this week’s Northeaster. It is a discussion about the music festival that we attended on the 17th. It has a great description of how we really brought the crowd to it’s feet and bring a sense of community that Northeast needs. Way to go Tommies!

It was pointed out to me that the class of 1955 reunion is on the 16th of September, not the 23rd. and that the Class of 1985 is having their reunion on Sept. 12 at the Solar Arts Building. I know when and where the class of 1975 reunion is, however there might be something at the Yacht Club the Friday before and I think it would be better to play that. Not as far of a drive and we can bowl after. I know the class of 65 has reached out to us and I will get their date soon.

Also, the Edison Community and Sports Foundation is having their annual May dinner on Monday May 4th at Jax starting at 6:00. It is a great event and the ECSF has been very generous to the band over the years so it would be great if we could have some members attend and support this group. Tickets are $150, that includes a filet mignon dinner for two, two drink tickets and a chance at multiple cash prizes the largest being $2,000. Along with some great silent auction items you can bid on. Let me know via email or feel free to call me on my cell if you would like tickets or more information.

Again congrats on a great performance!
Go Tommies!

Update 150112

Hey Edison Alumni Band Members,
Thanks or the wonderful performances at our fellow band members birthday parties. I know Mary Fran, Sueann and Kim really appreciated our presence at their respective parties…plus it was a great to get a chance to eat all that delicious cake! The only question is how many more of these class of ’83 members do we still have left to go for their 50th?

I thought I should get these dates out to everyone on paper so you have them for your busy schedules:

Place Time Reason
Friday January 23rd Edison Gym 6:30 Boys Basketball Game for NE Schools
Tuesday March 17th Britts Pub 6:30 St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Tuesday March 24th Edison Auditorium 6:30 NE Minneapolis Band Festival
Saturday May 16th Elsies 8:00 Class of 1984 Reunion
Tuesday June 16th Northeast Parade 6:30 27th and Central
Friday August 7th St. Charles Park Lot 6:30 St. Anthony Parade
Wed. Sept. 23rd Elsies 6:30 Class of 1955 Reunion

I have not put our practices down and I also have not included Aquatennial which would be in July if we do it. (I don’t want to get peoples hopes up!
I hope this helps and I hope everyone is staying warm!
Go Tommies!

Update 141125

Hey Edison Alumni Band Members,

I spoke with the downtown council officials and got the info on what is expected from us for our Sunday November 30th Holidazzle Village performances at 5:00 and 6:00 PM. We will be playing in between 10th and 11th on the Nicollet Mall. We will have between 15 to 30 minutes to play…it is up to us when we feel we want to quit playing. A lot will depend on the weather and the crowd. We will walk from the Hyatt to our designated area and then play. We will be meeting before at 3:00 PM at Marquette Square apartments to sign release forms and have a sandwich and a libation or two to warm up! We need to go to the Hyatt hotel at 4:30 to sign in and meet our parade official who will escourt us to our performance area. When we are finished with our first performance we will go back to the Hyatt (if we want) to warm up and get ready for our 6:00 performance. After the 6:00 show we are free to do what we want.

Tom Phillips said that the Marquette apartments does have parking spots usually on Sunday, but it might be good to car pool to get downtown to avoid parking issues. If you park there you need to register your car under apartment #2106. After you register, you can procede up to the party room where we will be set up for getting us in the holiday spirit. The band will be providing a party sub and some beer, pop and water. If you have anything you would like to bring to share that would be great!

It will be cold that night so dress warm. We will be wearing our pullovers for that night. We will try to wear something black for pants. If you have ski pants that are black that would be great! We will not be marching much so wear warm shoes or boots that you are comfortable with. We can dress up our instruments with lights or whatever you want to promote the holiday mood.

Practice as much as you can this week (Pat D., Keith Maille and Myself are actually getting the trombones together to go over the songs tonight) and looking forward to a great performance on Sunday. This set up is a perfect setting for the Edison Alumni Band to perform and show the Minneapolis Downtown Council that we own this town!

Looks like we will have a chilly Thanksgiving this year…but the warmth of family and friends will make it a great start to the holidays!
Go Tommies!


Update June 2014

Just wanted to pass on a message from my mom of 91 years who walked up to central to see the parade. ”The marching band was so wonderful!” You guys and gals made her night.

Thank you,

Julie (Onsrud) Loughrey

2014 Calendar

Update June 18, 2014

Tentative dates for performances:
Parade: Celebrate Northeast Parade Tuesday June 17th 6:30 PM
Parade: Heights Parade Friday June 27 at 6:00 PM
Parade: Aquatennial Wednesday July 23rd at 8:30 PM (the ECSF has covered the insurance)
Parade: St. Anthony Friday August 1st at 6:30 (if they have one, I have not seen anything posted yet)
Reunion: Class of 1964 50th Reunion Sat. August 16th 8:00 at Jax.
Birthday Party: Class of ’62 70th Birthdays Sat. September 13th at 8:00 at Elsie’s
Reunion: Class of 1974 40th Reunion Sat. Sept. 19th 8:00 at Jax.
Reunion: Class of 1969 45th Reunion Sat. Oct. 4th at 8:00 at the Eagles in New Brighton.
Also Class of 1979 (to be determined)

2013 Calendar

Update September 2, 2013
Hey Edsion Alumni Band Members,

The memorial sevice for Jay Anderson, class of 1973, tuba player and Popbang bass guitarist, will be on Tues. Sept. 10th at 4:00 at the PNA hall on 4th and 13th NE. After some discussion with various members, please bring any pictures you may have of Jay for a little memorial we are considering in honor of his tuba playing with us. I am still not sure exactly what we will be doing, however I do know the family would like us there for the beginning and the end of the celebration. It would be nice if we could get as many of us as possible to send Jay off in a great way.

i am also giving you some dates you should have on your schedules:
Sept. 10 Jay Andersonr Celebration of Life
Sept. 21(Sat.) Class of 58, Mermaid – 8:00 PM
Sept. 29 (Sun.) Down Syndrome Walk 12:00 – Como Park (be there early- they sometimes start early!)
Oct. 5 (Sat.) Class of 68, Mermaid 8:00 PM, Class of 1978, Elsie’s – 9:30 PM

There is no Oktoberfest this year in case you were wondering. Looking forward seeing everyone at these great events where we touch so many of our friends. Practice up!
Go Tommies!!!

Update June 13, 2013

Hey Edison Alumni Band Members,
I thought I would share with everyone a couple of emails I received that past couple of days. They kind of bring out what the true spirit that we bring to events:
Hi Mike and Staff and Board of Directors!
What a great surprise and uplifting, energy filled moment it was for our 50th Anniversary Class Reunion last evening at Jax Café! The Edison Alumni Band burst into the dinning area, drums beating a marching cadence that lifted us up from our seats and drew us into a rousing singing of “Blue, Gold Our Team is Bold”! Clearly, this was the fun, highlight of our evening! Thanks to Mike and all who appeared and gave us their time and talent. It is really appreciated!
Terry Frovik ’63

Hello: I would like you to pass this on to Mike Iacarella. I believe he was the one who made it possible for
the alumni marching band to play at our 50th reunion this past Sat. at Jax.
Everyone was SO thrilled that they were there. They couldn’t stop talking about it.
What a wonderful surprise.
I just want to let you know that it was so appreciated that you came.
Please thank all the band members for their participation.
It made the evening very special.

Karen (Horning) Wise
committee member
Here is a reminder that we have a couple of practices coming up this week for the Northeast Parade and start of our summer season.

Tues. June 11th Practice 7:00 PM Edison GYM
Wed June 12th Practice 7:00 PM Edison GYM
Tues. June 18th Northeast Parade 6:30 PM Line up 6:00
Friday June 28th Heights Parade 6:00 PM Line Up 5:30
Wednesday July 17th Aquatennial Parade Line Up 8:30
Friday Aug. 2nd St. Anthony Parade 6:00 (tenative)
Saturday Sept. 21st Class of 58 Reunion at 8:00 at the Mermaid
Saturday Oct. 5th Class of 78 Reunion Elsies’s
Class of 68 Reunion Mermaid

Please put these dates into your calendars and please try to make as many practices as possible. I know I need them.

P.S. It was also good to see Lisa Staplin on the news tonight pushing the Pedal Pubs! She also mentioned that they might want volunteers to ride in the parade…I am not sure how many people will be up for that duty after last year,but if you’re interested please let Lisa know!

See everyon Tuesday for some good old street marching!
Go Tommies!

(From Lisa Staplin)
Hi Mike,

Can you forward this to the group?

Hi Everyone!

PedalPub Twin Cities will be part of the Northeast parade this year, and we are looking for some pedalers! If you or any of your spouses/family over age 18 want to be in the parade (near the end), let me know ASAP! We need 10-20 people.

When I talked with the gal setting up the lineup, she said the band was at the beginning, right after the Grand Marshal.

Talk to you soon!
(Lisa Staplin)

Older info

Hey Edison Alumni Band Members,

We are playing this Friday May 3 at 6:30 PM at Edison High School in the gym for the third annual City of Minneapolis Alumni event. Let’s meet in the upper lobby of gym and then proceed down the back stairs to perform. We will play our three songs and Dan will do his Star Spangled Banner solo. We do not have to stay for the basketball, so we can leave whenever we feel. We could head over to the Yacht Club for some pizza and libations and maybe even Elsie’s for a little bowling. Please try to be prompt.

Al wanted me to pass on that we will not be performing at the animal walk on Sat.

We will be performing on Sat. June 1st at Jax at 8:00 PM for the class of 63 50th reunion. Also, I have been informed that the Heights parade is on Friday June 28th, not the 21st. They really want us to play (a member of the parade committee came over to my house to drop off a application). We can talk about it if we want to play.
Don’t forget the Northeast Parade is June 18th and practices are on the 11th and 12th in front of Edison at 7:00 PM.

Also please say prayers for our fellow bandmate Randy Peterson (trombone), who suffered a stroke last week and is in critical condition.

Hoping to see everyone in good spirits this Friday!

Go Tommies

2012 Calendar

 Hey Edison Alumni Band Members,
This is reminder that we have the St. Anthony Parade this Friday August 3rd.  Meet at Al Fix’s house for pre-parade ribs! (Info in email)
Sat. Aug. 11 8:00 DeLaSalle Reunion – Elsie’s
Sat. Sept. 22 8:00 Class of 1977 Darby’s Bar -Downtown Minneapolis
Sat. Sept. 29 8:00 Class of 1967 – Earl Browne Center
Sun. Sept 30 10:00? Step Up for Down’s Syndrome Walk – Como Park
Friday Oct. 5 Edison Homecoming Parade – 2:00
Friday Oct. 5 Edison Reunion Show 7:30 Auditorium
Sat. Oct. 6 Edison Reunion Luncheon 12:00 – JAX Cafe
Sat. Oct. 6 Edison 90th Celebration Party 8:00 ( Approx. Performance Time)


East Side Parade Grand Marshal